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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the CC Control App app do?
The CC Control App app enables you to control all of the products and components programmed and configured with your URC MRX-1 or MRX-2 base station (i.e., Cable Boxes, Lighting, Receivers) using an iOS device such as an iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad®. Commands are sent over the local area network via "Wi-Fi" to the MRX-1 or MRX-2 (located on the same network). The base station then sends out commands to control the most common devices in your home or commercial building.

Which iOS devices are compatible with CC Control App?
The CC Control App app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

What's the difference between URC's CC Control App app and the Total Control Mobile app?
The CC Control App app requires an MRX-1 or MRX-2 base station and works with Complete Control products only while the Total ControlĀ® Mobile App requires an MRX-1 or MRX-20 base station and works with Total Control systems exclusively. Although both apps perform many of the same overall functions, the Total Control Mobile app adds features and functionality.

What do I need in order to use the CC Control App app in my system?
The CC Control App app requires a compatible iOS device to download the app, a setup code to register your system and an MRX-1 or MRX-2 base station to use the CC Control App app. The setup code and registration of your system is completed by your installation professional/dealer.

What sort of products can I control with this app?
The CC Control App app can control any product that accepts commands via IR, RS-232 (Serial), or IP (network) protocols. This includes a multitude of products you may find in a home or business setting such as flat panel TVs, DVD players, audio products and many more. Since each MRX-1 or MRX-2 base station also has a relay port, it can also be used to turn on/off a relay switch.

Can I control lighting (URC Lighting by Lutron®)?
URC Lighting by LutronĀ® can be controlled via the CC Control App app as long an an optional URC transmitter (model RFTX-1) is added to an MRX-1 or MRX-2 base station within range of the light to be controlled.

Where and how can I download the CC Control App app?
The CC Control App app can be downloaded by you or your installation professional / dealer from the Apple app store.

How much does the app cost?
The CC Control App app can be downloaded free of charge. The setup code and programming required for the app to control your specific products retails for $199, and is available from an authorized dealer near you. Your URC Dealer may charge labor fees, depending upon the products being connected and your specific system. To find a local Authorized URC dealer please visit

Which devices are required to use the CC Control App app?
Although the only device required for operation of the CC Control App app is the MRX-1 or MRX-2 IP base station for control, when using URC Lighting, it is necessary to add the optional URC transmitter (model RFTX-1).

URC recommends the use of a primary remote control in addition to your iOS device. A traditional URC remote, using an optional RFX-250, provides the system with a dedicated remote that is usually kept in the same place and always "ready" to control the system.

Do I have to pay an additional fee every time I want to add a new iPad or iPhone to my household?
There is no fee for additional apps. However, your custom install professional is required to download your custom program to the iDevice. This may require a charge, please speak with your local installation professional / dealer.

I have an Android phone. Can I use the CC Control App app?
CC Control App is available for both iOS and Android. Click here for the Android version.

I am having a flat panel installed along with a URC remote and base station. How can I be sure that my new system is compatible with the CC Control App app?
Verify with your custom install professional that an MRX-1 or MRX-2 base station and RFX-250 RF Antenna has been installed so that your system can be controlled with both your URC RF Remote and the CC Control App app.

I have one MRX-1 or MRX-2 base system in my home, and another one in my summer cottage. Can I use the same CC Control App app in both places?
Each iOS app is only capable of controlling a single system. Another advantage of the Total Control system (and its app) is the ability to use it in multiple household or commercial building scenarios. When using CC Control App, the only way to control multiple houses or buildings is to purchase a dedicated iOS device for each system.

How hard is it to set up the CC Control App app?
Downloading the CC Control App app to a device is simple. It can be downloaded like any other app from the App Store. Your customized program will then need to be downloaded to your system. This may require that your system programmer or installation professional perform this activity as this is not possible without advanced programming training, authorization and the appropriate software.

I sometimes see the CC Control App app referred to as the "MX-iOS app." Why is that?
It is referred to as the "MX-iOS app" simply because MX has been referred to as our "Complete Control" series of remotes and iOS is short for "Apple Operating System".

Do I still need to have a URC remote control in my AV system if I am using my iPad with the CC Control App app?
Although you do not need to have a URC remote to control your devices when using the CC Control App app in your system, it is recommended to have your installer specify at least one alternative way to operate your equipment in case your iDevice is unavailable. URC remotes are always ready to control your system, while iOS devices may be busy opening mail, surfing the internet or playing a game!

How easy is it to use my iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to control my home entertainment system? Does it take a long time to learn?
Controlling your system using your iDevices is not difficult and is a pleasure to use. You can learn it very quickly as the layouts on your iOS should be almost similar to what you would see the URC remotes or keypads found in your system.

Total Control *The CC Control App is not compatible with URC Total Control systems. We offer a separate Total Control Mobile App. To find out more click here.

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