October Is the Month for Optimism!

CEDIA EXPO is now in our rearview mirror, and the holidays are just a few deep breaths away.

The seasonality of the custom installation business is driven, to a large degree, by events. Family events, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day, are drivers. So is the Super Bowl, which is only four months away. Family events spur demand for home theater and home control systems.

In other words, the fat part of the year is just ahead.

According to a story that recently appeared in CustomRetailer, business is expected to be good this fall. "Despite all of the economic turmoil domestically and abroad this year, holiday retail sales are expected to rise by between 2.5 and 3 percent," reported CR. "That's according to a forecast released... by Deloitte, which also predicted a double-digit increase in 'non-store sales,' a category which includes online, catalog and interactive TV-based sales."

All of this adds up to mean that October is the month for optimism!

This month's issue of Control the Universe, URC's monthly newsletter, takes a look back at the CEDIA EXPO that just ended. At the same time, it looks forward to a strong fall selling season.

If there is a particular subject you'd like to read about, or — better yet — if you have a story you'd like to tell, please write to us at editor@universalremote.com. We welcome all comments and treasure your feedback.

– Your friends at URC
URC Brings Three Awards Home from CEDIA EXPO
It was a great CEDIA EXPO for us, for numerous reasons. Our booth was packed virtually nonstop. Our training sessions drew great crowds. Our party at Jillian's rocked. We spent a lot of quality time with you, our dealers. And last, but certainly not least, we brought home three prestigious awards.

Two of those awards went to a Total Control product that attracted much attention among dealers at our booth: Our groundbreaking DMS-1200 Multi-Zone Network Amplifier. The DMS-1200 won a 2011 CE Pro BEST Award as the year's top Multi-Zone Amplifier/Receiver, as well as a 2011 CustomRetailer EXC!TE Award.

That's right—URC, the industry leader in remote controls, was named this year's top innovator in multi-zone audio. It was very exciting to see the industry recognize not only our company's successful evolution into a whole-house control leader, but also the quality and innovation that went into one of the cornerstones of our new Total Control line.

Our third award speaks to our ongoing legacy as the driver of the custom remote control category. CEDIA named our legendary MX-500 Infrared Learning Remote Control as one of five new entrants to the CEDIA Product Hall of Fame.

We are extremely honored to have received these three awards. They speak to our remarkably successful past, present and future—and yours. We extend our most sincere gratitude to CEDIA, CE Pro and CustomRetailer.

And, as always, we will do our level best to deliver more award-winning products for next year's CEDIA EXPO!

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Can Our MXW-920 Water-Resistant Remote Float?
This video not only answers that question, but also strikes fear into the heart of a rubber duck.

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URC Makes Big News at CEDIA EXPO
Our industry media outlets were, as always, generous in their CEDIA coverage of URC, and we thank them for it! Here's a rundown:

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Miss Us at CEDIA EXPO? Take A Booth Tour with Our YouTube Videos!

We're always posting new videos at our YouTube site, so subscribe today!

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The Annual CEDIA EXPO Shirt Exchange Continues
For five consecutive CEDIA EXPOs now, Tom Vander Ploeg has come home with the shirt off URC Senior Vice President and General Manager Doug Cole's back.

"It all started in 2007 at the URC party," says Tom, co-owner of VIP Custom Installations LLC in Cortland, N.Y. "The URC people were wearing these nice two-tone bowling shirts. I went up to Doug and said, 'I really like that shirt." So Doug took it off and said, 'Here you go!' And it's happened ever since."

This year, for the first time, Tom returned the favor... with his own brand-new company's shirt.

For several years, Tom had attended CEDIA EXPO as an employee of Clark Music Company, which sold pianos as well as performed custom AV installations. Tom started with Clark in 2005. "I just walked in the door one day, I had a good background, and they hired me," he recalls. "I stuck with it, went to CEDIA EXPO, and went to every single training session I could."

When Clark dropped custom AV to focus on its core piano business, Tom amicably left, client list in hand, to start his own business with co-owner Mitch Wooldridge. VIP Custom Installations hit the ground running in June and hasn't had time to look back.

"We're very busy, and we do a lot of exclusive work," says Tom. "We had such good relationships as installers with the reps and manufacturers from our days at Clark Music, and many of them have come on board with us. Since we already have our client base from Clark, we haven't needed to advertise. When people walk into Clark looking for us, the salesman is kind enough to send them our way."

Ever since, Tom and Mitch have been working virtually non-stop, seven days a week, splitting time between upstate New York and New York City. "Our only challenge is making sure we have the time to keep all of our clients happy," says Tom. "It's a very good problem to have. Customer service is really our focus, and our clients love the service aspect of our business. They know that if they have a problem, they have my personal phone number, and I'm on the ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They don't have to press '1' and hope that someone listens to their message when they call. They get me. They know they are taken care of. As a result, I've built some incredible relationships with our clients. Some have even invited me to parties and family events."

We're happy to report that Tom is a huge fan of URC products. MX-880s, which he describes as "perfect remotes for simple systems," are his go-to entry-level remotes. In high-end theaters, he installs a lot of MX-5000s (and soon, MX-6000s). Tom says his clients don't blink at the four-figure price tags of those devices. "Price is not even a question for those clients," he says. "I'm doing $100,000 jobs for them, so they don't see a $1,500 expense as anything large. They trust that it's going to do exactly what we say it will."

Tom also installs MSC-400s in every upscale theater. He spent many hours on the phone with URC tech support to understand all of the product's capabilities, and now has MSC-400s controlling URC Lighting, timers, Draper shades, Runco projectors, and Anthem Statement audio products. "You walk in, and everything turns on for you," he says.

Tom is also intrigued by URC's new Total Control line. "Total Control interests us, absolutely," says Tom. "Unfortunately, we don't have office time to look at much new products, as much as our reps and manufacturers try to help. It's just a constant swirl of wire transfers and going to jobs."

As busy as he is, however, Tom knows he can always count on URC. "You're able to control whatever you set your mind to," says Tom of URC products. "Once you really get into it, and realize what you can do, you can pretty much control whatever you want, and you have a user-friendly GUI that clients enjoy. There are no limits. And if you can't do it on your own, URC is there to help. I see the URC guys at their trainings every year, and they have a good understanding of who I am."

URC's Doug Cole looks forward to many more years of swapping shirts with Tom at CEDIA EXPO. "I've always maintained that at URC, we'd give our dealers the shirts off our backs to help them," says Doug. "Well, when I met Tom, I got to put that idea into practice. And I've been doing it now for five years! This year, Tom gave me his shirt in return, which I consider a great honor, because Tom is the kind of dealer who would give the shirt off of his back for his clients."

We wish Tom and Mitch continued great success with their new business, and thank them for being such great URC dealers!

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URC Product of the Month: URC IP Cameras
Total Control is about to get even more powerful. Our line of URC IP surveillance cameras will soon ship.

Our IP surveillance cameras will prove a natural add-on sale for virtually any Total Control installation. What does your client want to keep an eye on? The kids in the backyard? The wet bar in the family room? The front door? The back porch?

URC cameras integrate seamlessly with other Total Control products and can be programmed quickly in URC Accelerator.

We'll have three models for you:
  • MC-70VC VGA CMOS IP Camera. This camera is great for indoor areas. It displays video up to 30fps at VGA resolution, making crystal-clear video monitoring possible over a network connection. $399 MSRP.
  • MC-73CB CCD Box-type IP Camera. Another terrific indoor camera, especially for large low-light areas of the home like garages, basements or crawl spaces. It incorporates first-rate Super HAD CCD sensor technology and delivers high resolution (720x480) video monitoring wherever the client desires throughout a home network. $799 MSRP.
  • MC-75CD CCD Dome-Type IP Camera. This weatherproof camera is the go-to model for outdoor applications in even the most extreme climates. It's protected by a solid polycarbonate dome shell that's thoroughly vandal-proof. Offering identical resolution to the MC-73CB, even fast-moving objects and people are viewable over the client's internet connection. $999 MSRP.
All URC IP cameras support H.264/MJPEG dual encoding and transmission, simultaneous dual streaming, two-way audio communication and optional WiFi dongle.

Click the links and check out all of the specs today!

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Jeff Madden's Business Is Safe 'n Sound... and Here's Why
Jeff Madden, owner of Safe 'n Sound in Santa Maria, Calif., has some great advice for his fellow dealers. It may sound obvious, but for some dealers it sometimes gets lost in the chaos of the day-to-day.

"Talk with your clients," he says. "Get to know them. Not everybody lives the same. When you walk in the front door, you might walk to the left, but the next guy might walk to the right." In other words, there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to custom. The installer's job, Jeff says, is to find out where the client is most comfortable in his or her life, what makes his or her life easier, so that the installer can make a system that is perfect for the client.

"Look at our demographic," says Jeff. "For most of these people, technology is moving so fast that it's surpassed them. These people don't want to think about things. What they need are systems based around control, rather than control based around systems. A lot of people in our business don't really get that."

With that in mind, Jeff's business model is extremely flexible. "We have a bunch of different levels," he says. "On any given day, we could be doing a $25,000 job, or a job right up to $250,000 to $300,000. And we have gold, silver and platinum levels for everything. The key to everything is taking your time and planning things correctly."

Once the install is done, he advises, the relationship shouldn't be. "Take care of your clients, man," Jeff says. "That's where all of your business comes from. One good client can land you all sorts of jobs. One bad client can take years off your business."

Jeff's business is all about custom, both residential and commercial, with almost 100 percent of it coming from referrals. "I do a lot of networking," he says. "I do a lot of social networking." And he does zero direct advertising. (Jeff's excellent website, for which he says he gets a lot of compliments, was built by Mac Burks, a.k.a. 39 Cent Stamp, whom we profiled in July.)

In addition, says Jeff, "I stay involved in my community." For example, he's taken part in chili cook-offs, and he is preparing to raffle off a theater for a nearby marine mammal care and rehabilitation institute. "There are many things you can do to give back a little and get involved in your community. It gets your name out there. And a lot of people look and say, 'These are the kind of people we want to deal with.'"

Jeff's URC device of choice? "MX-980 all the way," he says. "I treat that thing like a bar of gold." Jeff says that no matter how many cool components you install, "you can give them whatever you want, but until they can control it reliably it's worthless."

Interestingly, Jeff has hooked up with a fellow dealer 3,000 miles away to program his URC remotes: Vincent Bova of Total Control Remotes in Monroe, N.J. "He's been such a huge part of our success with URC," says Jeff. "When we decided to start programming less, we started sending jobs out to him, and we started selling twice as much. We just gel together. Our information back and forth is real solid. I relay the information to him, and he's back to me in 15 minutes. And the homeowners love his work."

URC thanks Jeff for his business and for his dedication to his clients. Here's to many more years of Jeff and his customers staying Safe 'n Sound!

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M. Rothman & Co Debuts Our New MXW-920 Water-Resistant Remote
Last month at its Ramsey, N.J., headquarters, M. Rothman & Co. hosted its annual dealer show, featuring the theme "Minute to Win it." Over 300 dealers and 600 people overall attended the two-day event.

URC had a big presence at the show, with a large display wall featuring the new MXW-920 water-resistant remote control. URC's Lars Granoe, Scott Srolis and Hank Eisengrein were on hand to talk directly with dealers.

"Don't just think of the MXW-920 for pools and hot tubs, but spa and shower applications too, as well as for families with small children," said Hank. "No more juice box-covered remote controls with sticky buttons!"

M. Rothman & Co had the URC demo kit of Network Series products on display (KP-4000, MX-5000, MX-6000, POE-1, PSX-2, and a URC lamp dimmer module). You can buy the same kit from URC to carry in the field for in-home demos for your prospective customers. M. Rothman also showed our URC Lighting display and our new URC retail showroom display at the show.

Says Hank, "We want to thank everyone at M. Rothman & Co. for their strong support of URC custom/professional products, and we look forward to seeing everyone at next year's event."

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Commercial integrators: Join URC's Jamie Finnegan in our CEDIA EXPO booth for a terrific overview of our new Asset Management System.

We also have plenty more videos on the installers-only URC Control Room site. Not a URC Control Room member yet? Shame on you! Click here to join.

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Hank's Tip of the Month
By Hank Eisengrein
URC Regional Training Manager, East

With the summer of 2011 a fond memory (did it really go that fast?), we're all right in the middle of one of the most exciting times for custom installers: the football season.

Now is the perfect time for you, the URC custom installation dealer, to help your customers create or update a home entertainment system using a URC custom-programmed remote control. Many people live for not only NFL but college football, inviting family and friends to share the excitement of watching their favorite teams. It all gives your customer more reasons to use their new URC remote control. You can help improve your customers' enjoyment along with improving your bottom line.

Over the past 10 years of traveling for URC, meeting with loyal dealers, I've taught the proven concept of selling the "home sports bar" to give customers something special, over and above the average home theater. If you sell multiple HDTVs and add several cable and satellite boxes in a system, your client never needs to leave his home to watch the big game.

URC RF base stations feature IR routing, so you can control identical devices independently to allow use of the same brand and even model device to build the dream system. Think of how you can put a very big TV in the center of the room (I see a new 80-inch is now available) and use smaller TVs for alternate screens to catch all of the action.

Last year, I had the pleasure of seeing a URC dealer who took this concept to the maximum level and created the Stereo Advantage Football Theater. Based in Williamsville N.Y., a Buffalo suburb, the Smart Squad from Stereo Advantage designed and displayed their complete package for loyal Buffalo Bills fans. When I first saw this system, I told them how impressive it was that they took my basic idea and went well beyond to create an entire package that they could sell and make money on while making their customers the envy of everyone in their neighborhoods. Check out their video!

You can even offer discounts on items like jerseys and posters to add to the décor, and create a theme based upon a favorite sports team. Just think of Al Bundy enjoying his Polk High School theater. Use a URC color model with custom graphics to create a remote control with logos and photos of their favorites. Several years ago, my good friends from Paulson's Audio & Video just outside Detroit created an elaborate Detroit Red Wings remote control, including background photos of the Stanley Cup and the parade. At one Florida training, a URC dealer handed me a fully programmed Jacksonville Jaguars remote control with photos of players and even a page showing the season schedule. You can do the same with any sport or team. Just remember to make sure you get permission before using a team's copyrighted logo.

Just think how friends and family will react when your customer shows off such a unique URC remote control. I've long told URC dealers about the strong emotions of college alumni; if you offer to design a themed remote control and room for fans, you can tap into the "tailgate crowd" for a steady stream of new customers.

Use these creative ideas from Hank to set yourself and your company apart from people only selling on price. You'll have a following of loyal customers and a busy fall season of custom install jobs. Become more creative to grow your sales. A custom-designed URC remote control system is central to allowing your customer to "Control The Sports Universe."

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Be Social
By Cindy Davis
Editor-in-Chief, TechDecisions Media

I am happy to announce that I have rejoined the EH Publishing family as Editor-in-Chief of TechDecisions Media. Over the next 60 days, I will be developing six online content products for EH in the commercial spaces: higher education, K-12, healthcare, corporate, hospitality and houses of worship. The audiences we will address are the end-user decision makers and specifiers of AV/IT integration solutions. Some of you are in this group. The content will be specific to what this group needs to know to get the job done.

If you’re working on a commercial project within the topics I mentioned above, feel free to drop me a line to be potentially featured on one of the six sites. I’d love to hear from you! I can be reached at cdavis@ehpub.com or 508-660-1500 x211.

And of course, I’ll still be social. I will primarily use LinkedIn to find stories that relate to the topics I am looking to cover. I will join relevant groups with the hope to engage with people that are in the trenches of the decision-making process and who are getting things done.

Like many of you, I am trying to wade through the google-load of changes that Facebook announced recently. Already, we’re seeing what people aren’t happy about — but I am going to hold judgment because often people just don’t like change.

I subscribe to the Mashable RSS feed, which I highly recommend for anyone wanting to keep up on social media. They recently posted this article that nicely encapsulates the recent Facebook changes so you can see how they might impact how you use FB for your business.

It’s been a pleasure to share my social media expertise with you over the last several months. See you on the TechDecisions family of sites, coming soon!

Find Cindy’s previous Be Social columns here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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Tech Tips
By Joe Salvatore
URC Technical Support Manager

Attention Programmers! Did you know that both of URC’s custom pro software applications, CCP and URC Accelerator, have insightful help guides with detailed programming examples? They do, and they’re located under the help tab in the menu bar.

These guides are designed to give you programming info when you need it fast, so you can save yourself a phone call to URC tech support.

Some of you are already aware of this, but many programmers seem pleasantly surprised when I remind them about it.

Here’s how to access the guides:

  • Inside CCP: Click the “HELP” tab up top, and then click on the button for “TECH GUIDES.” A folder will reveal everything from an MX-5000 programming manual to a 2-way programming and installation manual. There are also a few network help guides that demonstrate how to set up static IP addresses for gear on your network, and so on.
  • Inside URC Accelerator: Click the “HELP” tab up top, and then click on the button for “USER GUIDES.” Everything related to Total Control programming is found in this folder. There are help guides for general programming, building drivers effectively, working with timers and more. You’ll notice that this Help section is continuously updated and supplemented with new resources quite frequently.

Check them out today! If there’s anything not there that you wish to see included, please give us a shout and let us know. And don’t forget, you can always give URC tech support a call when all else fails.

For further support on this tech tip, please email us at techsupport@universalremote.com.

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Mitch's Musings
By Mitchell Klein
URC Director of Business Development

We all know that low interest rates and a seesaw stock market are out of our control. So what about your other investments—like attending CEDIA EXPO, for example?

If you went to CEDIA EXPO last month, you invested both cash and time into your trip. Assuming you went for business purposes, you surely expected some kind of payback. (Yeah, I know you only went to Indianapolis for the annual URC dealer party, but work with me here...) Let's take a look at some of the ROI opportunities from your trek to the site of the 2012 Super Bowl:

Education. Many dealers see education as their primary purpose for attending the show. The courses offered by CEDIA were well-attended and provided a significant opportunity to learn about compelling new technologies, new business, sales and marketing skills, or simply brush up on technical chops. Manufacturer trainings were also in abundance (our URC sessions were pretty full all three days!).

Education is likely the single most important investment you can make at CEDIA EXPO. So have you implemented anything you learned, or did you race back and immediately dive into business as usual? I always made a list of the three most important items I learned, and posted it near my desk to make sure I implemented them. Will you get a strong ROI on your class time and fees?

Products. Roaming the show floor is always both fun and a bit overwhelming. With so much eye candy, it's always a challenge to stay focused. Did you see any new categories to round out your product assortment? Perhaps you wisely spent time with your key suppliers and learned about some new products and applications. It's one thing to read about new stuff, but some hands-on and personal interactions with the very people who design these products really deepens your understanding and gains you a competitive edge.

When you returned to your office, did you make any changes to your go-to systems designs? Is your investment in walking miles at the Indiana Convention Center going to pay higher rates of return than your savings account? I surely hope so!

Networking. Chatting with my peers is always a highlight of CEDIA EXPO. Talking about ideas, experiences and solutions with other dealers, distributors and manufacturers offers the highest payback of any time spent at the show. I see it as an unstructured learning opportunity, and ask many more questions than I ever answer. As important as class and booth time are, grabbing a peer in the aisles with a "how's it going" often gains you enormous insights and take-home ideas to implement.

What did you hear that was an "a ha" moment for you, and have you implemented it into your business—or do you plan to do so?

If you did NOT go to CEDIA EXPO, I'm sure you thought you had good reasons (too busy, too expensive, etc.). Clearly, you didn't look at the event as an investment in your business.

Perhaps you really should do so next year.

Assuming you will, the beer's on me!

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The Russ Report
By Russ Hoffman
URC Education and Content Development Manager

Through all the talk of the weather, the walking distance, where to eat and where to sleep, we sometimes forget WHY we go to CEDIA EXPO. If you only show up to eat and schmooze, you’re doing yourself, and your business, a disservice.

This chiding extends to manufacturers too! When else can a manufacturer display its new products in front of its largest dealer base? When else can a manufacturer solicit opinions, consider new features and get firsthand feedback on its wares? I’d venture to say NOWHERE—at least, no place with the quality of dealers found at CEDIA EXPO.

The opportunities to network, open new relationships (business and personal), see upcoming product and speak directly to manufacturers make CEDIA EXPO worthwhile.

From URC’s perspective, CEDIA EXPO was a hit! Sure, we had lots of stuff to show off, but the feedback, questions and requests we received from our booth visitors will continue to help us refine our lineup.

Our popular Complete Control line has three new, powerful additions. The MX-780 ($299), our new color remote, hits a new entry-level price point for a PC-programmable model. The MX-1200 ($699) takes all of the features of our popular MX-980 and adds a touchscreen, slimmer design and lighter weight; it proved a real standout with our existing and new dealers. And then there’s the MXW-920 ($499) water-resistant remote, perhaps the most long-awaited addition to the Complete Control line. Perfect for outdoors, pools, spas, kitchens and kids, this PC-programmable remote finally allows URC to step outside the house and enter the outdoors. And YES, it floats!

There was also serious action (and reaction) in the whole-house control portion of our booth. (For those of you still unaware of Total Control, there’s simply too much to go into here; visit URC University and look under Total Control to learn more.)

Our new Total Control line was designed for whole-house control, although it is still comfortable in a single-room solution. With the ability to control IR, RS-232, Relay and Trigger activated devices, plus the ability to add up to 32 MRX-1 sub-base stations, our MRX-10 Advanced Network Systems Controller can take control of a whole house.

With our dedicated music server, up to 32 rooms of audio can be added to any project. The combination of our 8-zone DMS-1200 or single-zone DMS-100 units, connected via the local network, allows the system to share sources and distribute music over the LAN.

URC sources like the SNP-1 networked music player and PSX-2 iPod dock, as well as and select third-party products, provide two-way metadata on all of our Total Control remotes and keypads. With network connectivity and a boatload of control options, it’s easy to expand control to other home subsystems, like the URC Thermostat, surveillance cameras and third-party devices that can be controlled via IR, RS-232, relays or triggers.

The icing on the cake is the user interaction! By using the ROOMS button, any user can easily take control (or view the status) of any other room in the system. The ROOM LINKING option easily allows users to group rooms together for audio distribution, while the TIMERS feature allows them to schedule event, alarm and sleep timers to fit their schedules.

All of this is made possible by URC’s new Accelerator programming platform. Accelerator is a comprehensive, intelligent piece of software that speeds up programming while offering more control over every detail of the programming process. Best yet, our new Off-Site Programming feature allows for program updates or rewrites from any off-site location, once the project is registered onsite.

Without CEDIA EXPO, and dealers like you who ask questions, request products and constantly force us to evolve, we would still be just a remote company. Thank you for helping us be the best we can be.

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Notes from the Lab
By Peter Pittner
URC Field Engineer

You may have seen the TSP-2000 Network Home Theater Processor in our CEDIA EXPO booth last month. While we were previewing the product for visiting attendees and media, we haven't formally announced it yet. But it's coming soon, and now's a good time to tell you just what the TSP-2000 will do for you in a Total Control system.

The purpose of the TSP-2000 is to seamlessly integrate a home theater with a multi-zone audio system. What really sets the TSP-2000 apart from other home theater processors and receivers is its onboard ability to send and receive multicast audio streaming sources with a URC DMS Multi-Zone Audio system. This feature eliminates the need for switchers, patch cables or other costly and problematic methods of source-sharing between a distributed audio system and a home theater.

There's another feature that sets the TSP-2000 apart from other home theater receivers: The soon-to-be released URC Accelerator programming software. It creates a simple, "drop and drag" environment to configure the TSP-2000, the DMS Multi-Zone Audio system, and all user interfaces in a Total Control system. Graphical user interfaces, system control macros, and system intercommunication properties all are configured automatically within URC Accelerator, greatly reducing the required time and in-depth knowledge typically needed to set up this type of system.

But that's not all. The TSP-2000's warm-sounding, class AB analog amplifier provides 125 watts per channel for amplification. Room audio setup is possible via an automated microphone system, or manually via its on-screen display, by use of the crossovers, speaker level calibration settings, and speaker distance values set within the TSP-2000's DSP engine. You can calibrate the system via its on-screen menu, or via your PC using URC Accelerator.

The TSP-2000 is HDMI 1.4a compliant, and supports Deep Color output and the latest 3D video formats. Video calibration test patterns are provided within the full on-screen menu, providing a tool to calibrate video display devices. A full on-screen display with overlays is provided through the HDMI output, usable over every output resolution. The TSP-2000 also provides a video pass through mode for 24 frames per second video sources, such as Blu-Ray players playing a recent movie release.

The TSP-2000 will effectively bridge the gap between a Distributed Audio System and the Home Theater experience by using today's latest technology, harnessing the power of an Ethernet network, and providing a robust software package for system configuration.

In other words, URC Total Control is about to become even cooler.

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URC Tool Box
App of the Month
KNX Modules for URC Network Series (Beta test)
KNX is a building automation standard widely used in Europe for full integration and subsystem control. This much anticipated KNX beta module provides MX-6000, MX-5000 and KP-4000 drivers for two-way control of a KNX system. It's now available free of charge for implementation and testing.

To access this app in the URC Tool Box, log on to the URC Control Room.

Haven't checked out the Tool Box yet? What are you waiting for? Do it today! Just log onto the URC Control Room and click "URC Tool Box" on the left side of the home page.

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Complete Control Partner of the Month: Community Professional Loudspeakers
Community has been serving the needs of venues worldwide with quality audio products for over 40 years. It's just launched an audio DSP for the commercial market, the dSPEC226, that is both cost-effective and feature-rich (we have a lot in common with Community!).

We've just signed Community on as a partner, and you can expect to see a new Community dSPEC226 module for the MX-6000, MX-5000 and KP-4000 in the URC Tool Box very soon.

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What's Hot
Every year and every hour during CEDIA EXPO, we deliver a booth presentation that details our new products, projects and other topical developments. For the first time, we are sharing this presentation with everyone who couldn't make it to the show. Take a few minutes (14 to be exact) and grab a quick look at what's hot at URC!

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