Partners and Affiliates
At URC, we play well with others.

URC's history is firmly grounded in working cooperatively with other manufacturers to ensure that our products and systems work together seamlessly and reliably for our consumers. In fact, we have built one of the world's largest control code databases, which simply put means a better, easier control experience for you and more choices about what equipment you can incorporate into your home or business.

URC provides product, documentation, engineering and support to many manufacturers to be certain our systems work with thousands of other products including Audio and Video components, lighting products, HVAC systems, window shades, pool and spa products and more.

As a consumer, knowing which products work best together and being assured you can easily add future products and technologies is a core part of the value that we deliver. We want you to have the confidence of knowing URC systems are designed to work well in any integrated environment.

Just some of URC's many partners and affiliates:

URC's Total Control line is compatible with countless Z-Wave® products made by other manufacturers. This means you can connect your URC system to virtually any Z-Wave-enabled component and get complete, "smart" control of devices. Z-Wave( is a wireless technology created for home automation and nearly 1,000 such products are on the market including lighting, door locks and sensors, HVAC, alarm systems and more. With Total Control you can put the power of home and business control in your hands and access Z-Wave products using our remotes, keypads, and your own smartphone and tablet.

Sonos® ( is the creator of many ultra-popular music players including the Zoneplayer and Playbar. With Total Control, your professional installer can connect these products to ours and provide you with full, convenient and speedy control of Sonos music products. Access all your music from any room in the house and from Total Control remotes, keypads and even your own smartphone and tablet. Search your entire music library in seconds, select services such as Pandora and Rhapsody, select a custom-made playlist for your workout or party - and much more.

and many more...

For Developers and Manufacturers:

If you are interested in more information about how your products can be certified to work with URC's, or other integration partnership opportunities, or if you are interested in developing apps for our platforms, please email, with a cc to

If you are interested in becoming a dealer or for OEM purchasing requests, please email