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2006 Press Releases

How RF Remotes Add Value to Home Entertainment Systems Or the Tenfold Path to Perfect Control
November 1st, 2006

Universal® Remote Control Launches New Master System Controller for Home Theater, A/V Systems
September 14th, 2006

Universal Remote Control Re-Launches Web Site With Simpler, More Navigable, User-Friendly Design
August 30th, 2006

Inside the MSC-400 Master System Controller
August 1st, 2006

Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) Inaugurates John S. Davis Memorial Award
July 17th, 2006

Universal® Remote Control Previews OCAP-Friendly Concepts to Sharpen Cable Ops’ Competitive Edge
June 21st, 2006

Universal® Remote Control Eliminates Future Remote Obsolescence with Launch of Upgrade Link™2 Technology for New CLIKR™ 5 Cable Remote
April 9th, 2006

Universal® Remote Control’s New Genesis™ MX-900 Automates AV and Home Theater Systems
March 30th, 2006

Universal® Remote Control Introduces Medius™ TX-1000 AV and Home Theater Control Solution
March 30th, 2006

Inside the Genesis™ MX-900 Complete Control
March 1st, 2006

Inside the Medius™ TX-1000 Complete Control
March 1st, 2006

Universal Remote Control® Introduces PowerPak™, Delivering the First RF Solution for the Retail Market
February 23rd, 2006

Universal Remote Control Hires AB&T Sales For Consumer Products Division
February 16th, 2006

Universal® Remote Control Makes Home Automation Simple with Complete Control Devices
February 1st, 2006

Universal Remote Control® Launches The MasterControl™ Series with Three New IR/RF Models
January 5th, 2006

New Value-Driven Remote Controls Couple Advanced Features, Stylish Design
January 5th, 2006