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URC Announces TRC-1080 Wi-Fi Remote Control

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URC Announces TRC-1080 Wi-Fi Remote Control

New wand-style, programmable, color LCD remote debuts as the latest Total Control user interface

CEDIA Expo, Denver, Co. – September 26, 2013 – URC, the brand name behind the whole-house control system that’s sweeping the nation, today announced the latest addition to the Total Control system, the TC-1080 Wi-Fi programmable remote control.

Featuring a vivid 2-inch color high-resolution screen, the sleek, ergonomically designed TRC-1080 sits in a stylish piano black tabletop charging cradle that looks elegant in any environment. Equipped with just the right number of buttons, including the four color-coded cable box buttons, users can enjoy fast access to every function and explore any interactive service their TV/cable provider delivers. Already the winner of two major industry awards, the TRC-1080 also employs the latest in battery technology, extending battery life and making it the perfect eco-friendly addition to a Total Control system.

“The TRC-1080 is arguably the most handsome remote control ever made,” said Cat Toomey, director of marketing at URC. “Its beauty belies its function, and the supreme ergonomic design with perfectly placed finger grooves on the back for balance makes it feel like an extension of your hand.”

Designed to dovetail into the broadening core of the Total Control family of products, this remote features quick connect Wi-Fi which means the end to waiting for the remote to join the network. Additionally, the TRC-1080 automatically “wakes up” when lifted thanks to pick-up sensor technology. With the capability to support virtually unlimited entertainment products, users can realize the full potential of a URC Total Control® system.

MSRP for the TRC-1080 is $599. Programming is accomplished by any authorized Total Control Master Dealer or Dealer using URC Accelerator software.  

Total Control by URC offers home and business owners unprecedented ease and efficiency. Technologically, it features the latest in innovation and simplicity. Fully scalable, users can begin with a modest system and continue to add features as their needs expand. Home theater, A/V components, lighting, HVAC (thermostat), window shades and security cameras are just a few of the items that can be integrated into a Total Control system from URC.

About URC                             

URC is a privately held American company dedicated to providing superior control products for homes, businesses, cable service providers and OEM partners. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Harrison, NY, URC has sold over 100 million remote controls in the last 10 years alone, and is an emerging force in whole-house control with its Total Control® line of products. URC has built its reputation by delivering exceptional levels of quality, training, reliability and support to its customers. Learn more about URC at, Facebook and YouTube.

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