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Universal Remote Control® Introduces PowerPak™, Delivering the First RF Solution for the Retail Market

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Universal Remote Control® Introduces PowerPak™, Delivering the First RF Solution for the Retail Market

HARRISON, NY , Feb. 23, 2006 — Universal Remote Control, Inc., the leader in remote control design and manufacturing for home and professional entertainment systems, introduces the PowerPak™ remote control solution. Boasting bright purple packaging that visually jumps off the shelves, PowerPak consists of the MasterControl™ RF20 and the PowerBlaster™ Base Station. The combinations brings custom control integration to the consumer-priced retail market.

The PowerPak features ‘Barrier-Free’ RF (radio frequency) control, which eliminates the need to point the remote directly at components since a line of sight is no longer required. The PowerPak sends a multidirectional RF signal directly through walls, doors, floors and entertainment centers. With the PowerBlaster, the MasterControl RF20 can control components that are completely out of sight up to 100 feet away, both indoors and outdoors.

The PowerPak comes with a step-by-step DVD Guide featuring animations and easy-to-follow instructions for fast, flawless programming. No PC or technical background is required to set-up and operate this remote. Enjoy the DVD, follow its instructions, and the coffee table clutter of multiple additional remotes will disappear forever.

The MasterControl RF20 features two new Universal Remote Control functions —MacroPower ™ and SimpleSound ™. MacroPower turns several A/V components on or off, and uses macro keys to switch sources and inputs with the press of a single button. SimpleSound provides users with total and convenient ‘one-touch’ control over the volume functions on all their components, including devices — such as TiVo, DVD players and VCRs — that do not have built-in volume controls.

The MasterControl RF20 comes loaded with thousands of pre-programmed codes, and is guaranteed to work with all A/V components, including televisions, projectors, satellite receivers, cable boxes, DVD players and recorders, audio receivers, lighting controls, media center PCs, iPods, Xboxes, XM Radios and more.

Additional features of the MasterControl RF20 include the ability to:

• Control up to 10 A/V components

• Provide 432 MacroPower buttons for up to 20 commands per button

• Program up to 40 Favorite Channels for instant access

• Customize display text and button names using the large LCD screen

The MasterControl RF20 also features a backlit LCD display and backlit buttons for convenient use in dark or dim environments. The case and buttons are ergonomically designed for comfort and easy one-hand operation, and a low-battery indicator alerts users to the need for a new battery.

The PowerPak will be available from authorized dealers in March 2006 at an MSRP of $169.99.

About Universal Remote Control
Universal Remote Control, Inc., is a world leader in the custom design, engineering, manufacture, and distribution of high quality remote controls, home automation products and handheld devices. The company supplies millions of remote controls each year to consumers around the world through four primary channels: retail, custom professional, broadcast subscription and OEM.

Clients include many leading high-end audio and video manufacturers, consumer electronics and broadcast subscription companies, including Adcom, B&K, Cablevision Systems Corp., Charter Communications, Comcast, Crestron, Denon, Faroudja, Harman/Kardon, Klipsch, Krell, McIntosh, Motorola, Rotel, Parasound, Polk Audio, Time Warner, Toshiba, Xantech and Zenith.
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