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URC Touts Total Control Commercial Applications

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URC Touts Total Control Commercial Applications

New family of products offers utility in boardrooms, classrooms, hotels, bars/restaurants and more.

Atlanta CEDIA EXPO 2010 - Booth 1746 - September 23-26, 2010 - URCs new range of Total Control products, announced here this week, is just as compelling for commercial integrators as it is for their residential counterparts.

While CEDIA EXPO is primarily an event for the residential installation industry, we want to stress to that URC Total Control is just as compelling a solution for commercial A/V professionals, said Jamie Finnegan, URC National Sales Manager, Commercial Division. With Total Control, URC now offers a comprehensive yet affordable alternative for commercial integrators who are evaluating their control suppliers.

URC Total Control products, which enable uncompressed multi-zone audio, climate control, energy monitoring/management and surveillance, as well as provide unsurpassed end-user control interfaces, are suitable for boardrooms, classrooms, bars/restaurants, hotels and more. With URCs easy-to-use but powerful Complete Control Program (CCP), commercial integrators can create powerful control and automation systems for businesses and institutions, no matter how large or small.

Todays announcement builds significantly on previous introductions that have progressively moved URC beyond traditional IR/RF home theater remote control, among them the URC Lighting by Lutron product line; three Native to the Network controls (MX-6000 touch screen, MX-5000 wand remote and KP-4000 in-wall keypad, along with the MRX-1 network base station); modules for Macs, PCs and Apple TV that can bring iTunes audio and video content to any zone.

This weeks landmark rollout of the Total Control line enables URC to now offer solutions that deliver multi-zone audio, lighting, climate control, IP-based surveillance and more. With Total Control, it doesnt matter what protocols that controls, devices and subsystems natively speak: IP, IR, RF, RS-232, Relay or Sensor; any device can communicate with any other device. Total Control enables commercial pros to build highly functional, user-friendly control experiences for their clients.

Advanced Network System Controller: MRX-10. The engine of the Total Control line, the rack-mountable MRX-10 stores and issues all macros and commands for all IP, IR, RS-232, Relay and Sensor controlled devices in a system. It also can route macro steps to IR, RS-232, Relays and Sensors to up to eight MRX-1 Network Base Stations on the network. The MRX-10 provides 2-Way communication with Total Control remotes and keypads, and is expandable via LAN and MRX series sub-base stations.

All told, the MRX-10 includes eight IR ports, four RS-232 ports, four Sensor ports, two Relay ports, and two 12-volt outputs. It is also compatible with URCs RFTX-1 RF transmitter, enabling Total Control to operate URC Lighting by Lutron systems.

Total Control multi-zone and single-zone amplifiers, streaming network player, network switches. URCs new eight-zone DMS-1200 Digital Multi-zone Amplifier delivers 50 Watts of audio to up to six zones, as well as pre-amp outputs for two additional zones that require increased power, such as outdoor areas. The rack-mountable DMS-1200 also includes four analog-to-digital inputs that stream to other DMS-1200 amps, making the system expandable to up to 32 zones. There is no limit on the number of sources that can be added to the system.
Also new is the DMS-100, a single-zone (add-a-room) amplifier that delivers 50 watts per channel to local speakers, as well as a pre-amp output for connection to a local amplifier or receiver. The DMS-100 also offers an audio input that streams to other DMS-1200 or DMS-100 amplifiers. A scalable solution, DMS-100s can be installed as additional zones with a DMS-1200 system, or multiple DMS-100s can be installed to create a customized multi-zone system.
The rack-mountable SNP-1 Streaming Network Player outputs 44kHz streams of digital audio to DMS-1200 and DMS-100 amplifiers; analog outputs for third-party amplifiers are also included. The SNP-1 can stream music and photos from network-attached compatible PCs, Macs and network storage devices, satellite radio, and Internet-based services such as Rhapsody and Pandora. The SNP-1 can be controlled in full 2-way fashion by any URC network remote, touch screen or keypad; via its IR input, the SNP-1 is also compatible with traditional IR/RF URC remotes and base stations.

Total Control multi-zone audio eliminates the need for a conventional analog matrix. Its audio streams can deliver CD-quality or FLAC-quality audio to any zone; the system does not compress original audio files, or convert them to MP3. To prevent multiple audio streams from consuming excessive amounts of network bandwidth, URC offers two network switches that provide MAC filtering: the MFS-8 and a Power over Ethernet (PoE) version, the MFSPOE-8. Both of these eight-port network switches also provide one LAN port, Activity and Status LEDs, and Connectivity indicators. The smart PoE ports on the MFSPOE-8 support devices like keypads and cameras, but also are compatible with non-PoE devices.

Total Control remote controls: MS-1200 and MS-780. URC is introducing two aggressively priced Total Control remote controls at CEDIA EXPO. The 2-way WiFi MS-1200 and MS-780 are perfect companion remotes for use with the MRX-10 controller. The MS-1200 offers a large color touch screen that can display cover art and other graphic feedback. It includes a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and charger base. The battery-powered MS-780 combines a color OLED screen with a hard-button layout and provides 2-Way communication with the MRX-10 network system controller. Both provide line-of-sight IR control for greater versatility, and can be programmed off premises via the Internet.

Total Control Network Keypad: KP-100. The KP-100 is an in-wall 2-way Power over Ethernet (PoE) keypad with seven interchangeable, customizable, backlit hard buttons and status indication. While the KP-4000 remains URCs premier in-wall network keypad, the KP-100 is useful in less-frequented areas for basic control of music, lighting and more. The KP-100 installs in a standard single-gang box and accepts standard Decora� plates (cover plates are not included).

IP surveillance cameras. URCs first branded IP cameras can be monitored on URC Total Control remotes, keypads and touch screens, as well as from remote locations via Web browsers. The cameras offer a wide range of mounting options and accessories, and allow for both wired and wireless installation. All three models feature H.264/MJPEG dual encoding and transmission, simultaneous dual streaming, 2-way audio communication, and optional WiFi dongles.

The MC-70VC offers a CMOS sensor, 4~10,000 Lux operation, and live video up to 30 fps at VGA resolution; a PoE adapter is available as an additional option. The MC-73CB is a box-type camera, while the MC-75CD features a vandal-proof, weatherproof dome; each of these cameras features a Super HAD CCD sensor and D1 (720x480) resolution at 30 fps, and are usable at 0.3 Lux (color) 0.002 Lux (mono).

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