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Inside the Medius™ TX-1000 Complete Control

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Inside the Medius™ TX-1000 Complete Control

The groundbreaking new Medius™ TX-1000 by Universal Remote Control, a premier manufacturer of high-performance control systems for use in home music and audio/video systems, ushers in the next generation of home control technology. The TX-1000 is the newest member of Universals family of Complete Control products, which provides professional installers with home automation solutions for every purpose, every room and everyone of their clients. Fully digital, the Medius revolutionizes home theater operation for anyone who prefers to operate their system from the coffee table.

In using the TX-1000, installers will find they no longer need to train their clients to look for a cryptic symbol or remember arcane button names when they want to watch or listen to something new. They need only issue the following instruction:

To watch TV, simply press the WATCH button and select what you would like to watch. Ive custom programmed the TX-1000 to turn on everything you need and configured your Home Theater completely for you, as soon as you select an activity like watching cable, satellite or a DVD-based movie. If you want to listen to a CD or the radio, press the LISTEN button and select what youd like to listen to. The macro programming Ive done will take care of everything. Its that easy!

Highlights of the TX-1000 include:
• A graphic interface optimized for use from the coffee table.
• A revolutionary text-labeled touch screen with large, vivid labels, each customized with up to six characters.
• A touch screen that displays exactly the buttons each user needs — no more, no less — for the easiest possible interface, regardless of what is being operated.
• Hard buttons around the perimeter of the touch screen for the most frequently used functions — labeled in plain English, not with symbols users will have difficulty remembering.
• Bright, multicolored backlighting to ensure the touch screen can be used in the total darkness of a Home Theater with one touch of the LIGHT button.
• Advanced, digital power management insures the remote can be used for up to one year without having to think about replacing batteries. This saves users from having to constantly move the touch screen from the coffee table to a wired charger elsewhere in the room. The Medius TX-1000 stays on the coffee table, always ready to take the user from 0 to DVD in one touch!

Windows-Based Software
Using Windows-based PC Software, the TX-1000 revolutionizes the professional programming process. Because its completely text based, custom configurations for the most demanding users can be set up in a fraction of the time needed for graphics-based screens. In addition, the systems programming architecture removes all barriers to quickly achieving exactly the result users want, enabling installers to:
• Drag and drop a single discrete code from the IR database without creating a device for it, or use the SAVE ALL function for a new device with just one click.
• Program as many page jumps as needed for a macro, so status messages during a macro only take a few seconds to program.
• Hide or Reveal pages of commands with one click, without rearranging page order.
• Program any button or macro to signal completion with a Beep.
• Instantly program all the POWER ON and POWER OFF buttons to be SYSTEM ON and SYSTEM OFF macros via Punch Through.
• Employ the flexible architecture to enable any number of pages on any number of devices, so favorite channels and/or other special features can be created on a per-device basis. Typically, memory allows the programmer to configure the equivalent of up to 40 devices with 40 pages each.
• Program one button to activate two different functions via Press and Hold options.
• Nest complete macros inside other macros as a single step, enabling fast modular programming of the most complex routines.

Optional RF No Rules Operation
Like all Complete Control remotes, the TX-1000 can be used with a Complete Control RF Base Station to control a full system without being in the line of sight of the equipment. Of course, it can also be configured for conventional line-of-sight IR operation.

The TX-1000 offers complete RF addressability, enabling it to control up to 90 identical components in up to 15 equipment locations throughout a house. Universals MRF-300 multi-zone and MRF-250 RF Base Stations are both compatible with the TX-1000, as is the RFX-150 RF Sensor, which can be freely positioned for optimal signal reception.

• Memory: 8 Megabits Flash memory; backs up programming for up to 10 years without battery power
• Devices: Flexible, typically up to 40 devices
• Pages: Flexible, typically up to 40 pages per device
• Learning Capability: Standard frequencies, 15-460kHz
• Macro Capability: Up to 255 steps each, with nesting allowed
• Infrared Range (Line of Sight): 30-50 feet, depending on environment
• Radio Frequency Range: 50-100 feet, depending on environment
• RF Frequency: 418 MHz
• Weight: 31.4 oz., with batteries
• Size: 6.46 x 5.39 x 1.66 inches , H/W/D

The Medius TX-1000 will be available in March from authorized Universal Remote Control dealers at a suggested retail price of $499.

About Universal Remote Control, Inc.

Headquartered in Harrison, New York, Universal Remote Control, Inc. is a world leader in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of control systems. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has shown explosive growth and won numerous industry awards. It supplies millions of remote controls, keypads and automation systems each year to consumers around the world through four primary distribution channels: consumer retail, custom professional, subscription broadcast and OEM.
Over the years, clients have included many leading high-end audio and video manufacturers, and consumer electronics and subscription broadcast companies, including Adcom, B&K, Cablevision Systems Corp., Charter Communications, Comcast, Crestron, Denon, Faroudja, Harman/Kardon, Klipsch, Krell, Lexicon, McIntosh, Motorola, Rotel, Parasound, Polk Audio, Time Warner, Toshiba, Xantech and Zenith.
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