Elegant simplicity! The MX-900 is your passport to intuitive control and home automation.

Also available in "i" version (433MHz)

Everything about the design of the MX-900 was engineered with your ease of use in mind. The optimized button layout combines clear intelligible labels for component functions with outstanding ergonomics. Brilliant blue backlighting illuminates controls clearly even in the darkest A/V environments.

The virtually unlimited memory of the MX-900 opens limitless possibilities for control anywhere in your home. Need a control solution for whole house audio? The MX-900 is for you. Pick up the MX-900 and experience superior ergonomic design and button layout optimized for your ease of use. Your thumb is never out of reach of critical controls.

Experience the freedom of control wherever and whenever you want with the MX-900 and a Universal Remote Control wireless base station. With the MX-900 the ability to automate any component anywhere in the house is just a button push away.

This product is also available in "i" version (433MHz)
In certain areas of the United States, Radio Frequency (RF) interference can be an issue. In some cases, traditional transmission frequencies of 418MHz can be nearly blocked. As a solution, URC supplies an alternative RF communication of 433MHz known as URC's "i-series".

The i-series, which operate at 433MHz, are compatible only with other i-series products. For example, the MX-3000i cannot be used with an RFX-250. The RFX-250 receives commands from 418MHz remotes and the RFX-250i receives commands from 433MHz remotes. However, by installing both an RFX-250 and an RFX-250i antenna to a base station, it is possible to use both 418MHz and 433MHz remotes in the same system.

    The manual for this product is posted at the top of this page, which can be used for this product. To download a copy of the i-series specific manual, please visit our Support/Manual section.
*This item is NOT compatible with Total Control products.


8 Megabits of Flash Memory (for User Configuration)
Flexible, typically can support up to 40 Devices
Flexible, typically can support up to 40 Pages on each Device
Learning Capability:
Standard frequencies (15kHz to 460kHz)
Macro Capability:
Up to 255 steps each, however nesting is allowed
IR Range (Line of Sight via Infrared):
30-50 feet, depending on the environment
RF Range (radio frequency):
50 to 100 feet, depending upon the environment
RF Frequency:
14 ounces (with batteries)
8" H x 2.25" W x 1.25" D
4 AAA Batteries
*URC reserves the right to change product features, streaming content available, and specifications without notice.