MRZ-260 2.4 GHz RF to IR Base Station
The MRZ-260 gives you barrier free control!
Your custom installer or integrator may recommend an MRZ-260 base station and MX-880z if you live in a multi-family dwelling like an apartment building or condo. Thats to assure that your remote will not experience any interference from other remotes nearby.

Base Stations are small boxes (about the size of a paperback book) that sit out-of-sight and receive the radio frequency (RF) commands from the remote. They then translate these signals into commands that your various components can understand. The benefit to you: no more pointing, because RF passes harmlessly through walls, doors and floors. That means that you can store all of your equipment behind closed doors in cabinet furniture. You gain many other versatile features, including the ability to turn off all of the TVs in the house with a single button press, for example, or adjust music volume while out on the patio.

The MRZ-260 offers other featuresthe ability to operate like four separate base stationsfor example. Experience the freedom of control wherever and whenever you want with MRZ-260s operating your equipment. With the MRZ-260 and a compatible remote you can now have complete control over any component anywhere in the house.
*This item is NOT compatible with Total Control products.


Power Supply:
9V 300mA (AC Adapter included)
IR Flasher Line Outputs:
3.5mm Mono Mini Jack
IR Range (Line of Sight via Infrared):
30-50 feet, depending on the environment
RF Frequency:
RF Range (radio frequency):
50 to 100 feet, depending upon the environment
Number of Addresses:
5" x 3.5" x 1.2" (W x D x H) w/o antenna

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