MRFA-S6AM Single-Room Lighting Control Switch
Single-Room Lighting Control Switchcontrolled directly via RF and URCremotes - THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED
  • Native control directly from remoteno black box interface in most installations

  • Compatible with MRX-1 via RFTX-1 transmitter

  • For use when a dimmer is not possible or not preferred (i.e., to control wall outlet)

  • End-user can reset lighting scenes without help from installer

  • RF controlled Wallbox Dimmers and Lamp Dimmers also available

  • Manufactured by Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. for URC

URC lighting by Lutron is the easiest and most cost effective way to give your clients lighting control in any room. You have already installed a great URC custom controller for your clients equipment, why stop there? URC Lighting control by Lutron is a great solution that will enable your clients to take control of energy savings, ambiance and security. By adding one URC Lighting Control Wallbox Switch and narrow band RF controllers you have installed a complete lighting system that can control the lights in that room. For situations where clients need to extend lighting control beyond a single room, the MRX-1 with the RFTX-1 is an option.

Your clients can now turn on or off all the lights in there commercial space with one button press. Customers will also love the fact that lighting control saves them money. Sophisticated event timers in higher end URC controllers like the MX-980 or 3000 can be programmed to automatically turn off the lights in a room at a set time daily. This saves on electrical cost and extends the life of light bulbs.

Install a URC Lighting Control solution on your next client installation and experience the ease and flexibility.

Ideal Application
Boardrooms, sophisticated restaurant/lounge, training room/classroom, SoHo.

Install with any URC RF Controller or Network Series Controller (MRX-1 with RFTX1). Note that the URC Lighting Control Wallbox Switch is available in standard and i-series versions. Standard and i-series differ only in transmission frequency (Standard is 418MHz, i-series is 433MHz); however, i-series controllers must be matched with i-series Wallbox Switches.


*URC reserves the right to change product features, streaming content available, and specifications without notice.

*This item is compatible with both select Total Control and Complete Control products.