RFX-250 Narrow Band RF antenna
Ultra reliable Narrow Band RF antenna module for URC RF Controllers.
  • Narrow band RF antenna module for MRF-350 and MSC-400

  • Available in 418 MHz or 433 MHz versions

  • Power and interference (RFI) indicator LEDs

  • Includes wall mount and 10 connecting cable

  • Extendable range with CAT5

The compact RFX-250 is a detached Narrow Band RF antenna for compatible controllers. Ensuring that your clients have seamless control and a wide operating range can be one of the biggest challenges of any custom installation. The RFX-250 addresses this by employing advanced Narrow Band RF and providing the ability to install multiple units to extend operating range. URCs Narrow Band RF technology improves devices range and reliability, while also improving spurious adjacent signal rejection, ignoring unneeded signals.

In situations where more coverage is necessary than a single RFX-250 can provide, up to two additional antenna modules can be installed. The install-friendly RFX- 250 can also be extended up to 150 through the use of simple CAT5 cable run.

Ideal Application
Boardrooms, sophisticated restaurant/lounge, training room/classroom, SoHo.

Install with any URC RF base station (MRF-350, MRF-260), System Controller (MSC-400) or Network Series Controller (MRX-1). Note that the MRF-250 and MRF-250i differ only in operating frequency (MRF-250i is 433MHz, MMR-2500 is 418MHz); however, i-series antenna/receivers must be matched with i-series base stations.


*URC reserves the right to change product features, streaming content available, and specifications without notice.

*This item is compatible with both select Total Control and Complete Control products.