With URC, you can live in your comfort zone every day with newfound ease. If you’re on the couch or in the car, you can see and adjust temperature from a handy mobile app or remote. With our premium smart home system Total Control, you can also use designer keypads and touchscreens to cool things down any time. With some URC systems, you can change heating and cooling on seasonal schedules for energy savings. When away from home, ensure the house stays at the temperature you wish from your smartphone or tablet. Who says thermostats can’t be cool? With URC they are.

  • Adjust temperature from your family or entertainment room

  • Change or check on settings while on-the-go or out of town

  • Enjoy greater comfort and energy savings with scheduling features

  • Use our thermostat or other popular thermostats like Nest or Honeywell

Featured Products

Please note: URC has primarily two key product lines — Complete Control and Total Control®. Complete Control, our flagship line, typically includes remotes, mobile apps, base stations and entertainment products. Total Control is our whole-house system for entertainment, lighting, surveillance, off-premises control and more. In most cases, Complete Control products are not compatible with Total Control products. There are a exceptions. Watch for product line logos on our site or visit our Product pages for compatibility information.