Today, music comes from a variety of places and in many formats including music players like Denon HEOS or Sonos®, iPods, radio, your PC and online music services like Pandora. With URC, you can select any of these and enjoy them in your family or entertainment room. And, you can go beyond and listen to them anywhere in the house or outdoors by the pool. Control volume, create playlists and push a button to play perfectly synchronized music throughout the home for a party. With remotes or your own iPad, access all your tunes instantly. You’ll enhance the home audio experience with URC, and everyone in the family enjoys what they want — when and where they want it.

  • Experience convenient access to all your music and playlists around the house

  • Stream music from the internet, Pandora, Rhapsody and even your CD collection and old records

  • Control music in other spaces and outdoors with one touch

  • Enjoy high-performance audio using URC premium amplifiers

  • Select "All On" and rock the entire house with your favorite tunes

Featured Products

Please note: URC has primarily two key product lines — Complete Control and Total Control®. Complete Control, our flagship line, typically includes remotes, mobile apps, base stations and entertainment products. Total Control is our whole-house system for entertainment, lighting, surveillance, off-premises control and more. In most cases, Complete Control products are not compatible with Total Control products. There are a exceptions. Watch for product line logos on our site or visit our Product pages for compatibility information.