Gain instant peace of mind from inside your home or from anywhere in the world with URC. Our Total Control products allow you to keep an eye on everything, from your couch and your vacation home. With one touch on a remote or your smart phone, you can check on the kids in the yard, set lighting levels, and monitor what’s happening from your kitchen or couch. Add URC surveillance cameras to deliver live video of what’s going on. See it all from your URC full color remote or your iPad. At URC, it’s all about staying connected with your home and your loved ones in newfound ways — even if you’re on the other side of the world.

  • See who's at the door while cooking in the kitchen

  • Keep an eye on the baby's room or the kids in the yard

  • Turn lights on before you arrive home

  • Lock all the doors by pressing a button on a URC remote

  • Check on your vacation home using your smart phone or tablet

Featured Products

Please note: URC has primarily two key product lines — Complete Control and Total Control®. Complete Control, our flagship line, typically includes remotes, mobile apps, base stations and entertainment products. Total Control is our whole-house system for entertainment, lighting, surveillance, off-premises control and more. In most cases, Complete Control products are not compatible with Total Control products. There are a exceptions. Watch for product line logos on our site or visit our Product pages for compatibility information.