Special Markets Overview
Control and automation for every customer and application — from do it yourself and set-top box cable remotes up to custom controls made for other manufacturers.

URC has been the pioneer in Control Technology for more than twenty years. Today, the Company provides state-of-the-art remote controls and complete control and automation systems to residential and commercial clients as you can see on our website.

The modern world has an ever-growing need to simplify human interaction with products and technologies. As such, there are also many other special markets URC serves, where automation is essential. These markets include the Subscription Broadcast and Cable where reliability is not an option, Do it Yourself (DIY) where consumers need easy-to-setup universal remotes, Other Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions where a company uses our remotes packaged with their products, and other markets. Our products are used and even developed and custom branded for some of the world's most respected, largest consumer electronics brands including LG, DIRECTV, EchoStar, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Zenith, and countless others.

Our mission across all of our products and markets is to be the best provider of integrated control solutions that make life better and easier for our customers worldwide.