Sports Bars
For the best in food and fun, it's crucial to select TVs, start the music or take things up a notch in an instant. URC helps make the most of your equipment — so your guests will make the most of their visit.

Sports Bars often have multiple areas, countless TVs, and events being booked at a moment's notice. Requirements often include being able to group areas to show certain games on specific TVs, while the bar areas may need different games on different TVs switched at a moment's notice and lower lighting levels. The lobby may require background music and the ability to adjust volume at any time. How do you take control of it all and accommodate guests? URC has the answer. We provide simple solutions for fast access and control of banks of TVs and flat screens, house music systems, automating lights and temperature levels and more. The best part is that everyone on the staff can use URC without training. We can help you provide the ideal venue with one button press and even save energy and dollars.

  • Touch a URC keypad to set lighting perfectly for the sporting event crowd

  • Play high definition video from different players on multiple TVs, group TVs, and control them from a simple keypad, touchscreen, remote control or even your own iDevice

  • Select specific music for the lobby and various event rooms with ease

  • Select "All Off" on your iPhone or iPad to shut down all house lights, HVAC, music and TVs for the night

URC Solutions are simply wired using standard topology, IP-based for easier control of more equipment, and configurable in many combinations of wired or wireless solutions. They are ideal for one or two room venues up to multi-room and multi-building applications. To find out more, visit our Where To Buy section.

Please note: URC has primarily two key product lines — Complete Control and Total Control®. Complete Control, our flagship line, typically includes remotes, mobile apps, base stations and entertainment products. Total Control is our whole-house system for entertainment, lighting, surveillance, off-premises control and more. In most cases, Complete Control products are not compatible with Total Control products. There are a exceptions. Watch for product line logos on our site or visit our Product pages for compatibility information.