Every popular category and popular brand works with URC.

Every popular category and popular brand works with URC

URC’s history is firmly grounded in working cooperatively with other manufacturers to ensure that our products and systems work together seamlessly and reliably for our consumers. In fact, we have built one of the world’s largest control code databases, which simply put means a better, easier control experience for you and more choices about what equipment you can incorporate into your home or business.

URC provides product, documentation, engineering and support to many manufacturers to be certain our systems work with thousands of other products including Audio and Video components, lighting products, HVAC systems, window shades, pool and spa products and more.

As a consumer, knowing which products work best together and being assured you can easily add future products and technologies is a core part of the value that we deliver. We want you to have the confidence of knowing URC systems are designed to work well in any integrated environment.

“We view URC as a very strategic partner for our brand. After dealing with most of the other top automation manufacturers, I can say hands down, that the URC marketing and sales team were one of the easiest to implement specials and get information in front of their customers. It has been a pleasure dealing with URC’s team – a classic win for dealers, customers and Fusion.”

– Ingo Schmoldt, VP Sales
Fusion Research

Just some of the companies and technologies with which we integrate:

Control nearly a thousand widely popular products with our Z-Wave® piece!
URC’s Total Control® line is compatible with countless Z-Wave® products made by other manufacturers. This means you can connect your URC system to virtually any Z-Wave-enabled component and get complete, “smart” control of devices. Z-Wave (www.z-wave.com) is a wireless technology created for home automation and about 1,000 such products are on the market including lighting, door locks and sensors, HVAC, alarm systems and more. With URC you can put the power of home and business control in your hands and access Z-Wave products using any of our control devices and your own mobile device.

Total Control now works with Nest®!
With URC, your home system can control the very popular Nest® thermostats with ease from our remotes, keypad and even your own smartphone and tablet! With our Nest compatibility you can have “one-touch” control over your home temperature as well as monitoring it from anywhere in the home and even off premises. Your authorized URC pro can integrate your Nest products starting today.

Total Control likes Lutron®!
With URC, your home system can control most any Lutron® Lighting product. Use our handy remotes, keypads and your own smart devices to set mood lighting, turn all lights on or off, set outdoor lights in a snap and more. URC is compatible with Lutron RadioRA™, Caseta™, and beyond.

Singing with Sonos®!
URC works with most any of the Sonos® (www.sonos.com) ultra-popular music players on the market. Your installer can connect your URC automation system for full, convenient and speedy control of Sonos music products, giving immediate access to about every song and music format. Select music from any room in the house from URC remotes, keypads and your smart devices. Search an entire music library in seconds, select services such as Pandora® and Napster®, choose songs for your party in a snap – and much more. URC and Sonos starts the party every time.

Total Control® & Bose SoundTouch® Wireless Music Systems
We are pleased to announce a new control module that provides effortless, two-way integration with Bose® SoundTouch® wireless music systems. This family of products is among the most comprehensive in the industry, and home automation through URC gives customers another simple way to access and enjoy Bose audio throughout their home. In addition to other world-leading music brands, you can now offer whole-house music from Bose.

Dive in to pool and spa control.
Summer can be sweet with the combo of URC and Zodiac’s Aqualink™ pool and spa management products. Today’s pool and spa systems have progressed by adding easier control and cooler elements that save time, effort and allow you to adjust things from virtually anywhere. Now you can more easily set pool lights and start the spa from anywhere. Pick up your phone or touch a keypad while in the kitchen and adjust pool temperature, turn on a waterfall and dim outdoor lights to create the evening’s entertainment atmosphere – as the doorbell rings with guests. It’s one push to paradise.

We’re there even when you’re away.
Let URC be there for you and your family at all times. If ever there was a match made for peace of mind, this is it – URC and DSC®! Arm your DSC security system or check on its status from wherever you are, be it at work or on vacation. Today, there’s really no reason not to have this extra protection in place. From Total Control, see if the DSC system is Armed or Disarmed, view Zone Status, Arm it if you forgot to – or – Disarm it for the kids while you’re in a meeting by using your smartphone. A little eye on your home delivers very big benefits to everyone in the house.


and many more…

For Developers and Manufacturers:

If you are interested in more information about how your products can be certified to work with URC’s, or other integration opportunities, or if you are interested in developing apps for our platforms, please email alalande@universalremote.com.

If you’re interested in learning about our partner cooperative marketing program, please email agattoni@universalremote.com.

If you’re interested in becoming a dealer or for OEM purchasing requests, please email lgranoe@universalremote.com.


Note: the companies shown here have products that URC products can control. The level of relationships and integration with each of these companies varies and no formal written agreement or relationship is expressed or implied.