Retail Spaces range from stores, to entire malls, boutiques, wineries and more. How do you control Audio, Video, Lighting and Surveillance? URC has simple solutions that put everything in your hands for you and your staff. With our Total Control system, you gain one seamless system that provides easy control of everything for everyone approved on staff. With URC controls, you can create the perfect atmosphere for your shoppers, keep an eye on theft, and even save energy and dollars for your business.

  • Touch a URC keypad to set lighting and temperature for shoppers

  • Select specific background music or playlists with ease

  • Check on dressing rooms and the front door on a touchscreen or your iPad - from the counter

  • Play high definition video from different players on multiple TVs and control them from a simple keypad, remote and / or iDevice

  • Select "All Off" on your iPhone or iPad to shut down the store at the end of the day

URC Solutions are simply wired using standard topology, IP-based for easier control of more equipment, and configurable in many combinations of wired or wireless solutions. They are ideal for one or two room venues up to multi-room and multi-building applications. To find out more, visit our Where To Buy section.

Featured Products

Please note: URC has three key product lines — Total Control®, MX HomePro, and Complete Control. Total Control is a premium, custom whole-house scalable system for entertainment, lights, surveillance, full off-premises control and more. MX HomePro is for entertainment plus control of smart home devices such as lights, thermostats and security systems. Complete Control is for entertainment and home theater. In most cases, the lines are not compatible with each other. There are exceptions, so watch for product line logos on our site or visit Product Pages for compatibility information.