Setting the Stage

Case StudyWhen builder Bentley Homes and its partner Philadelphia magazine needed an AV integration firm for its 5,000-square-foot Design Home showcase in an affluent enclave of suburban Philadelphia, they chose local AV icon and HTSA and URC dealer Jon Robbins for the 11th year. And when Jon and his team needed a control system for the home’s media room, they chose URC’s Total Control®.

Brains and Beauty – All in One

The goal of the project was to provide a sleek, minimally intrusive control experience that best suited the Design Home from an interior design perspective. While everyone was interested in control technology, it was hard to envision a system that could blend perfectly with the environment and appeal to most every visitor.

Case StudyJon and his team selected a Sony projector to provide an ultra-large screen experience in the media room, while GoldenEar Technology speakers provide superior sound, and URC’s Total Control was the control system of choice to provide this luxury home theater solution. The room includes a TRC-1280 remote control, along with URC’s Total Control iPad and iPhone apps for easy yet sophisticated control.

Stellar Sound with Each Touch

Nestled out of sight in a storage room is URC’s SNP-1 Streaming Network Player, which enables the show home visitors to access online music services such as Pandora, vTuner and Napster on the big screen through a colorful interface. It’s joined by URC’s MRX-10 Network System Controller, which facilitates and stores all the smart commands and macros in the system.

Sophistication that Suits Everyone

Case StudyThe result is exactly what the designers were seeking – power plus simplicity so the system does not detract from the home’s beauty and so that anyone who enters feels comfortable with the controls. The TRC-1280 sits in its charging cradle, always ready for action as soon as it’s picked up. Thanks to URC’s iTunes® apps, an iPad or iPhone can also conveniently control the system. URC’s PSX-2 Music Server allows guests to plug in their own iPods or iPhones and listen to their own music through the system. This dealer and Total Control together deliver entertainment everywhere in ways that everyone coming through can enjoy it.

The URC Gear

MRX-10 Advanced Network Controller
TRC-1280 WiFi Color LCD Touchscreen Remote Control
TC Mobile App for iPads and iPhones
SNP-1 Streaming Network Player
PSX-2 Personal Music Server

Total Control