The MRX-2 Network Base Station bridges the digital divide between control of clients legacy components and the IP network. Acting as a Total Control sub-base station, it receives commands from an MRX-10 and reissues them via IR, RS-232, or Relays. Each MRX-2 has the following: one relay, one sensor port, two RS-232 ports and 6 IR ports. The advanced connectivity of the MRX-2 allows it to connect to virtually any device or component.For Complete Control products, the MRX-2 can also be installed independent of Total Control and operated by a smart phone or tablet using URCs CC Control Mobile App or Mobile App for Android, a MX-5000 or a KP-4000 (which are not compatible with Total Control).

*The MRX-1 and MRX-2 are essentially the same but the MRX-2 adds additional RS-232 capability including two-way communication with Network Series products.

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Owners Manual

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One 10/100 Ethernet port
One relay configurable to be NO, NC or Momentary
One sensor supports Video or Voltage sensing via URC sensors.
Two RS-232 ports support TX, RX and GND two way communication via URC cables.
Six adjustable IR ports enable the included URC emitters to control IR devices Note: 6th IR Output requires the included sleeved emitter (identified by a pink connector), since it can optionally be used to connect an RFTX-1
8.4 oz.
248 x 120mm x28mm
12V External Power Supply
*URC reserves the right to change product features, streaming content available, and specifications without notice.