The TRF-UZ1 is a handy little device that connects over the network via CAT5 wiring to the URC MRX-8, MRX-10 or MRX-20 controller to extend the range for whole-house or commercial building control.

For instance, if the MRX-10 is located in a rack far away from the main control areas to be controlled, you can place the TRF-UZ1 in a more centralized area, so that URC remotes, advanced thermostats and other compatible URC RF products can communicate effectively. This allows for control of components from anywhere within the home or building.


  • Extends range for URC 2.4 GHz products (i.e. TRC-780 Remote and THZ-100 Thermostat) to communicate to a Total Control system
  • Three LEDs: Power, Status and Data
  • RJ45 network connector (requires CAT5 or better)
  • Compatible with ZR series repeaters
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • This piece is required by the MRX-8, MRX-10 and MRX-20.

Product Downloads

Owners Manual

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Residential Cut Sheet

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Commercial Cut Sheet

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Commercial Cut Sheet (iPad)

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ARM32-bit Cortex- M3(120MHz)
Power Supply:
12V DC 1A
128Mbyte Mobile DDR
RF Range(radio frequency):
50 to 100 feet, depending upon the environment
RF Freqency:
2.405~2.480 GHz
128 + 4 Kbyte
3.058 oz
3.74" X 2.7" X 1.1"
12V DC 1A

*URC reserves the right to change product features, streaming content available, and specifications without notice.