A green home is a smart idea. Studies show electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 20% simply by dimming one bulb 20%. With URC, you can go green and save some green using energy saving solutions. Imagine if you could set schedules for temperature and lights based on time of day, time of year or whatever you’re experiencing in a given moment. Monitor your home and adjust as needed while you’re away. We put conservation in your hands in one friendly interface that anyone in the family can use. The best part about our green products is that they’re highly desirable, even without their energy-saving features.

  • Automate lights and thermostats for energy and dollar savings

  • Set schedules based on time of day or time of year

  • Monitor consumption and make informed decisions at a glance

  • Make adjustments from anywhere in the world

Featured Products

Please note: URC has three key product lines — Total Control®, MX HomePro, and Complete Control. Total Control is a premium, custom whole-house scalable system for entertainment, lights, surveillance, full off-premises control and more. MX HomePro is for entertainment plus control of smart home devices such as lights, thermostats and security systems. Complete Control is for entertainment and home theater. In most cases, the lines are not compatible with each other. There are exceptions, so watch for product line logos on our site or visit Product Pages for compatibility information.