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Toll Free: (800) 901-0800
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About URC Custom Remotes, Systems and Software:

Please note: URC provides professional software and programming support only to our certified, trained and authorized dealers. 
Home automation has growing awareness worldwide. With the great booming awareness we get customers who ask about programming and setting up their own home systems.

URC systems can be very easy to use! At the same time, because of the many ongoing trends and emerging technologies, integrated automation systems can be complex to program, install and ensure upgrade paths. Many products are not designed to work together, yet URC creates a path by way of our dealers and extensive training.

We always recommend your system be installed by a trained, certified URC pro. While it may seem you’ll save money up front, in the long run, a “Do-It-Yourself” system is not capable of all that our custom systems offer in terms of personalization and longevity. A pro will streamline your system integration and service significantly just like that of an architect, custom sprinkler designer, and other home service provider.

URC does not provide custom installer software to end consumers in order to protect consumers from future problems or support issues with their system. Under no circumstances may consumers purchase a URC custom product line and get the software and programming support from URC.  Please contact us with any questions at any time.