Total Control 2.0


Frequently Asked Questions

Total Control 2.0 makes home automation and control easy for all family members to enjoy. However, it can often be a complex topic, even for skilled systems integration professionals. Here are answers to some common questions about URC, Total Control 2.0, smart homes and more.

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Who is URC?
A global leader in control and automation systems based in Harrison, NY USA.


Is URC an established company?
Yes. URC has specialized in residential and commercial control for nearly 30 years.


Does URC sell a lot of control devices?
Yes. Over 100 million in the past 10 years alone.


What does URC stand for?
Universal Remote Control, Inc.

Total Control 2.0

What is Total Control?
URC’s premium, flagship control and automation product line.


Does Total Control provide multi-zone control indoors and out?
Yes. Entertainment, music, lighting, temperature, shades, locks and more.


What is Total Control 2.0?
A hardware, software, integration and programming upgrade in 2017.


Does “2.0” offer any special improvements?
Yes. New touchscreens, menus and graphics – plus enhanced performance.


In simple terms, what is home control?
The ability to operate connected devices and systems via button press or voice command.


What types of user interfaces does Total Control 2.0 offer?
Tabletop controllers, in-wall touchscreens, handheld remotes, keypads and mobile apps.


Does Total Control 2.0 offer voice control?
Yes. It integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


What is necessary to operate the Total Control user interfaces?
A fully-integrated, networked advanced system controller is required.


Simply put, what is home automation?
The ability to automatically initiate single or multiple control activities.


What do you mean by automatically?
Programmed activities respond to time, light, temperature and more.


Please give me an example of an automated activity.
Pathway lighting to your front door illuminates every day at sunset.


What is a scene?
Scenes combine multiple activities into a single event.


Wow, how about an example of a scene?
Welcome Home turns on lights, unlocks doors and adjusts temperature.


Can a consumer install and program Total Control?
No. URC systems are always professionally programmed and integrated.


Are URC products and software sold to consumers over the internet?
No. They are only available through select, highly-trained URC dealers.


To assure high-quality programming, systems integration and performance.


How do I find an authorized dealer or URC representative?
It’s easy – just use the Contact Us feature on this website.

Integration Partners

Does Total Control work with many other technology brands?
Yes, thousands of brands.


Which brands?
Virtually all entertainment brands plus thousands of smart home products.


Can I see a list?
Yes, click here for some of the most commonly integrated brands.


How do I select the best products to integrate with my system?
Your Total Control dealer will help you select the products for your installation.


As a builder, can I provide Total Control to my clients?
Yes. Total Control is an ideal solution for new homes and remodels.


Why are Total Control products good for my clients?
It is a fully-networked, scalable solution with premium technology.


How do I do get started?
Contact URC and we will connect you with an authorized dealer in your area.


Do you offer any special programs for builders and contractors?
Yes. URC offers model home and other terrific programs.

Designers and Architects

As a designer or architect, can I offer Total Control to my clients?
Yes. Total Control is the perfect solution for your discerning clients.


Why are Total Control products ideal for my clients?
Premium user interfaces blend seamlessly into your homes and designs.


What about the custom onscreen graphics?
Graphics can be personalized with photos of the homes, rooms and family.


How do I do get started?
Contact URC and we will connect you with an authorized dealer in your area.