Do It Yourself Remote Controls

At URC, we have delivered millions of remote controls to consumers worldwide, so we can understand your everyday needs. In addition to our custom installed products, we do offer Do it Yourself (DIY) remote controls to satisfy you. These remotes are designed to answer consumers’ wishes — at affordable prices — and are easy for you to set up and operate.

We offer a full line of end consumer-installable IR products for those who desire an easy-to-use solution for operating a multitude of audio/video components and home entertainment systems using a remote control.

To find out more

To find out more, please contact:
Debra Sharker
Director of Sales
Consumer Products

Please read our Internet Sales Warning and policy. The only URC products that are authorized for online sales can be found in the DIY sections of this website.
Residential and Commercial products cannot be sold online to ensure that consumers obtain quality installation, programming and after-sale support and service.
PROTECT YOUR WARRANTY. Buy from an authorized Universal Remote Control dealer. If in doubt, call URC at (914) 835-4484.